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According to NBC News, Americans spend nearly $50 billion per year on diet related products. If you've been looking to promote your dieting or health website, you likely know how difficult and competitive it can be. Either you are paying outrageous pay-per-click rates or all you find are link pages and other "quick fixes" which may actually hurt your search rankings. Google knows the difference when an established website links to you and when a bunch of landing pages appear out of nowhere.

We are offering the opportunity to advertise on established websites, with content that is active and frequently updated. These are not landing pages or anything of that sort, when a user visits these sites, they find useful content and a unique, modern design.

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Our Promise

All of our websites, apps and services are free of dieting fads & gimmicks. We only deliver products and information that are truly helpful, based on medically accepted dieting principals for safe weight loss. And any advertising that you purchase is a pure HTML link, no JavaScript, Flash, pop-ups or other tricks. This will help deliver the maximum results for search engine crawlers.